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Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are committed to working toward fairness and inclusion for all.

Our vision is to make St. Louis County a place of opportunity where all people grow and thrive.

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APRIL 1ST IS CENSUS DAY! Participate in our democracy and say "I COUNT!" - It provides the basis for reapportioning congressional seats and redistriciting, and determines how federal funds should be distributed to support states, counties, and communities.

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Letter from the Director

and Chief Diversity Officer

The Department of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a cornerstone of the Page administration. We are charged with making sure that the minority contracting process is fair and works for all contractors.

We value our union trades and their ability to do high quality work on time and on budget. And we want to ensure that all contractors have a fair shot at doing business in St. Louis County.

Our department is developing plans for employee training in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion so that it touches everything we do. From hiring to promotions, to the services we provide our citizens. We want every interaction with the county government to be a positive experience.

The results of an employee survey were recently released by our Strategy and Innovation Department. Our employees said Diversity and Inclusion training is something they want. Our employees want to be successful in their jobs and to enjoy the work they do. This is one way to make that happen.

Creating this office was long overdue. We needed to build out our initiatives and make sure we meet our goals to create a government that is inclusive. That inclusion means creating opportunities for all employees. And that diversity goes beyond recognizing our individual differences. It also includes respecting and accepting them. A diverse workplace means a wider array of ideas, different ways of approaching complex tasks and creating a culture that is welcoming. Creating that work environment makes it easier to recruit and retain the best. 

As we tackle the complex issues in our region such as affordable housing, public safety and public health, we do so with an equity lens. We have to look at an issue from as many points of view as possible. That's why a diverse workforce is important and why we are pushing to make sure that those who do business with the County are also creating a diverse work culture. It all fits together in making us a stronger region.  A more desirable place to work and live. 


Warmest regards,

Hazel M. Erby, Director

Francoise Lyles-Wiggins, Acting Chief Diversity Officer